Between "BORNHOLM" and "BERKEL"
  TIME OF COLLISION  2255 Convoy Time   2355Z  April 25th  
  Course of Convoy  301 degrees  
  Signalled Speed          7 knots  
  Speed made good       2   "  
  Wind                           NW 7-8  
  At time of accident, convoy was experiencing considerable difficulty in steering and was to all intents and purposes hove-to.  
  According to "BERKEL" (104) - "She was forced by 112 to go to Port" "BORNHOLM (No 93) gave 2 short blasts but came full to Starboard and lay across "BERKEL's" bows.  "BERKEL" gave her helm and full astern but could not prevent collision.  
  "BORNHOLM" was holed about 10 feet above water in Engine-Room.  She left for Reykjavik the following day about 1400 and arrived safely.  
  Commodore knew nothing of Collision until daylight next day.  
                                                                                            J.Kenneth Brook  
                                                                                              Commodore RNR  
                                                                                                   Convoy ONS 5.  



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