22nd April. - Sailed from Liverpool at 2015B for Reykjavek at 15 knots.
  23rd April. - Exchanged identities with HMT Angle escorting U.R. 71 at 2115B.  No incidents on passage.  
  24th April. - 0630Z.  Arrived Hvalfjiord.  Completed with fuel and made good minor defects.  Sailed from Hvalfjiord at 1515Z for Reykjavek.  Sailed from Reykjavek at 1840Z with ONS(J), U.S.S. Sapelo, S.S. Gudvor and S.S. Bosworth in company, to rendezvous with ONS 5.  
  26th April. - At 0930, sighted Catalina Aircraft,. who passed bearing of ONS 5.  At 1325, made rendezvous with ONS 5.  
  27th April.  At 0945, closed Duncan for documents and at 1200 secured to R.F.A. British Lady for fuel (See attached Endurance Table. - W.A.G.O. 10).  
  28th April. - At 0545, investigated MF/DF bearing 160 to a depth of 30 miles; nothing sighted.  1658, investigated HF/DF bearing 013 to a depth of 7 miles, nothing sighted.  
  29th April. - At 0345, investigated HF/DF bearing 260 to a depth of 15 miles, nothing sighted.  At 0535 carried out operation "Artichoke".  At 0538, organised screen in Duncan's absence.  (See attached signal)  0625, Instructed Northern Gem to rescue survivors of No. 42.  At 1145, investigated HF/DF bearing 200 to a depth of 10 miles.  
  30th April. - At 0845, whilst proceeding to Position XA, and A/S contact was obtained 5 miles ahead of the convoy.  A five charge pattern was fired, and the echo classified as non-sub.  At 0930 sighted mine, 6 miles ahead of the convoy.  Dropped calcium flare and informed duncan.  At 2330, ordered to carry out SCARE - fired 4 depth charges at intervals.  
  1st May. - Hove to.  
  2nd May. - At 0445, carried out Sweep to N.E. for 25 miles for stragglers.  Rejoined at 1300 with No. 113.  
  3rd May. - Nothing to report.  
  4th May. - 2220, obtained R.D.F.  Contact 205 - 3600 yards.  (See Vid. 1)  2236 = obtained R.D.F. contact 285 - 3600 yds. (See Vid. 2)  2325 - obtained A/S contact, 345 - 900 yds.  (See Vid. 2).  
  5th May. - 0101 - sighted large flash astern reported to Tay.  0315 carried out Half Raspberry.  1035 - carried out OPeration Artichoke.  1344 - obtained A/S contact bearing 090 close range.  (See Vid. 3).  1738 - Proceeding to British Lady yo fuel when two ships were torpedoed in the starboard columns.  At 1743 carried out Operation Artichoke.  At 1757, ordered to take over Artichoke from Tay.  When about 6,000 yds. astern of torpedoed ships, ordered Blue 210 at 1818 ordered 6 Blue and at 1827, 3 Blue.  At 2109, obtained R.D.F. contact, bearing 200, 5,100 yds. (See Vid. 4).  At 2117 obtained R.D.F. contact, bearing 190, 7,200 yds. (See Vid. 4 & 5).  At 2318, obtained R.D.F. contact bearing 290, 2,900 yds.  Whilst investigating, echo disappeared at range of 3,300 yds., at 2320.  Continued on present course until 2325; no further echo obtained so resumed station.  
                                                                                                                  . . . 2 ---  


- 2 -
  6th May. - At 00?6, R.D.F.  Contact was obtained bearing 230, 1500 yds. (See Vid. 6).  This echo was lost at 700 yds., probably due to a temporary loss of voltage on the R.D.F.  This U-boat may not have dived and the contact obtained at 0110 may have been the same one.  At 0110, obtained R.D.F. contact bearing 160, 4600 yds.  At 0114 obtained second contact bearing 145, 6,400 yds.  Fired one starshell and about this time observed ship ahead burning fighting lights.  Gunfire was also heard in this direction.  These two echoes were presumed to be Oribi engaging a U-boat.  Decided to resume station and close gap in screen.
          At 0141, obtained A/S contact bearing 122, 800 yds. classified doubtful, fired one depth charge at 0144.  Convoy was within 500 yds. at this time, so resumed station.  
          At 0206, obtained A/S contact bearing 097, 900 yds. (See Vid. 7).  
          At 0800 closed convoy in an endeavour to located British Lady for fuel.  At 0930 closed British Lady for fuel (See attached Endurance Table).  
          At 1926 obtained A/S contact port beam of Convoy, classified non-sub, fired one charge.  
  7th May. - 1430, disengaged from Convoy in thick fog.  Ordered by S.O. to escort Nos. 62, 83 and 42 (Empire Gazelle) (British Lady and Bakel).  
          On the night of the 7th/8th May, convoy became scattered owing to thick fog and icebergs.  
          At 0730, 8th May, carried out sweep with Loosestrife, and by 1000/8, all ships had been located and were in station on the Commodore, proceeding to St. John's.  
          At 2100/8 obtained D/F bearings from Base Ship of St. John's and Cape Race.  
  9th May. - 0700, Joseph Warren joined Convoy.  At 0830 arrived off St. John's, ordered Loosestrife to enter Harbour to disembark survivors, Vidette remaining outside to screen convoy whilst embarking pilots.  At 1000 Vidette entered Harbour.  
          (Attached one signal and Endurance Report).  

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