DATED 9TH MAY, 1943.
  OFFA (R) PANTHER, PENN, IMPULSIVE.                                   F.O.N.F.(5).  
          (1)  Cancel all previous sailing instructions.
          (2)  Sail at 1230Z April 29 to meet ONS5.  
          (3)  To avoid ice proceed through position 47 00 N 47 00 W thence to 57 12 N 44 21 W which is estimated position of ONS5 at 1800Z May 1st.  
          (4)  Course and speed of convoy at 1800Z May 1st 227 degrees 7 knots.  
          (5)  Convoy routed from (XO) 60 35 N 40 W through  
                                                (XQ) 56 02 N 46 59 W  
                                                (XH) 44 30 N 45 00 W.  
          (6)  Mid ocean escort T.U. 24.1.5 "DUNCAN" H/F D/F (S.O.)  TAY H/F D/F VIDETTE  SNOWFLAKE  LOOSESTRIFE  SUNFLOWER  PINK.  
          (7)  Escort Oilers ARGOM (Canvas) Six Hundred Tons.  
                                     BRITISH LADY (Wire and Rail Buoyant Hose) Six Hundred Tons.  
          (8)  Following signals attached for information:  
                 CINCWA's 230802Z/4;  230804Z/4;  290026Z.  
                 NCSO Iceland's 241742B/4.  
          (9)  There is a possibility DUNCAN may proceed Greenland for fuel subsequently rejoining.  
          (10)  Further orders will be issued by CINCWA.  
                                                                                                 ROO.  290205/4/43.  
  A.I.G. 303 (R)  ACIC, E.G.3.                                                       DUNCAN.  
          ONS5 position course and speed at 1800Z 060 04 N 039 00 W X 220 degrees 5-1/2.  ORIBI joined last night and topped up with fuel today.  2 U-Boats in contact last night but did not attack.  Nothing heard so far today.  All 42 ships and escort in company.  Weather report 9180 9157.  
                                                                                                 TOO.  301800Z.  
  E.G.3.                                                                                                 B.7. DUNCAN.  
          Your 011600Z.  Convoy scattered in severe gale and many unmanageable.  Am in company with Commodore.  My position course and speed at 2000Z 059 14 N 040 10 W X 230 degrees 1 knot.  
                                                                                                 TOO.  012105Z May.  
  Escorts ORIBI OFFA.                                                                        DUNCAN.  
          Convoy will alter course to 190 degrees at 0900Z.  
                                                                                                  TOO. 020626.  
  A.I.G. 303, B.7, Escort ONS5.                                                            E.G.3.  
          Reference B.7.'s 030801Z May.  Present weather will preclude oiling at sea.  Intend to detach PENN, PANTHER and IMPULSIVE to St. John's, N.F., for fuel at 0900 4th.  Estimate they will have 17 per cent oil fuel remaining on arrival.  It is most unlikely that weather will improve enough to make oiling from "Argon" practicable in which case OFFA and ORIBI must leave convoy A.M. 5th.  ONS5 position course and speed 57 18 N 41 55 W (X) 220 degrees 3 knots.  Following in uncyphered weather report 3577 1258.     
                                                                                                 TOO.  032000Z.  


                                                                      SECRET                                             Page 2.  
  E.G.3 (R)  A.I.G. 303, Escorts SC128, E.G.4, IMPULSIVE.                      CINCWA.
          Escorts SC128 (1)  Unless in contact with enemy IMPULSIVE is to be detached at daylight 4th to join SC128.  (2)  Estimated position of SC128 at 0800B/4th  56 32 N  45 13 W course 060 degrees speed 7 knots.  (3)  Intend ultimately that IMPULSIVE shall be detached to fuel at Iceland (C) and join 4th Escort Group.  
                                                                                                  TOO.  032212B.
  A.I.G. 303  IMPULSIVE  E.G.4  Escorts SC128                                                  E.G.3.  
          Your 032212B and my 032000Z.  As IMPULSIVE has insufficient fuel effectively to support SC128 I have ordered her to proceed direct to Hvalfjord at best speed and to report her own E.T.A.  
                                                                                          TOO.  032215Z.  
  E.G.3.                                                                                                                   TAY  
          I will cover the front while you finish oiling.  
          Reply:  I shall be five hours; I thing you had better take yours now.  
                                                                                           TOO.  1133Z.  



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