H.M.S. "SENNEN"
                                                                                                              c/o C.P.O.  
                                                                                                                     9th May, 1943.  
  The Commanding Officer,  
  H.M.S. "PELICAN"  
  Copy to Captain "D"  
  Newfoundland Escort Force, St. Johns.  
          I have the honour to submit the following Report of Proceedings:  
May 4 1200 Left St. Johns with First Escort Group to join ONS 5.
May 5 1000 H.M.S. "PELICAN" proceeded, leaving H.M.S. "SENNEN" to follow at best speed. C.W.A's 051104Z.
  1528 Investigated A/S contact.
  1550 Classified as non-sub.  Proceeded.
  2100 Proceeded to rendezvous H.M.S. "PINK" C.W.A's 052027Z.
May 6 0542 R.D.F. contact bearing 340, 4,000 yards.
  0544 Sighted submarine diving in position 52 10N. 46 12W.
  0553 Attacked with moderate deep pattern "E".  Contact lost 500 yds.
  0610 Carried out box search, but contact not regained.
  0713 Proceeded towards rendezvous.
  1044 Made R.D.F. contact with surface craft (submarine) at 6,000 yards, bearing 290.
  1055 Attacked with hedgehog in position 53 08 N 46 39 W.
  1142 Contact regained in box search, and attacked with depth charges.
  1205 Attacked contact, probably non-sub, by hedgehog.
  1236 Attacked contact, possible S.B.T. with depth charges.
  1322 Contact regained in box search and attacked with depth charges.  As a result of last attack Asdics went out of action, and after patrolling the area for 25 minutes, decided in view of the general situation to proceed and join H.M.S. "PINK" in accordance with previous orders.
  2300 Joined H.M.S. "PINK" with 4 merchant vessels in company, and took station on starboard bow, "PINK" remaining Senior Officer.
May 7 1815 Thick fog, visibility about 200 yards.  Encountered icebergs and numerous growlers ahead of convoy.
  1830 Stopped convoy by sound signal.
  1930 Closed H.M.S. "PINK" to speak.  Decided to round up convoy and proceed at reduced speed for the night.
  2055 Spoke to S.S. "Director" and guided her through the ice.
May 8 0700 Reformed convoy.
May 9   Arrived St. Johns.
                                                                  I have the honour to be,  
                                                                        Your obedient servant,  
                                                                           (Sgd)    F.E. Thornton  
                                                                  Lieutenant Commander, R.N.R. in Command.  




  N A R R A T I V E   (Contd.)  
  submarine; turned towards and commenced depth charge attack.  Recorder trace was poor but echo was firm.  Contact was lost at 1,000 yards and one 5 charge pattern set to 550 feet was fired at 1322 on recorder trace.  There were no visible results.  One charge fired prematurely putting the A/S set out of action.  Course was set to join ONS.5. 
          After each attack contact was not regained immediately astern, vicinity of the attack being swept out and the box search instituted forthwith with an A/S sweep of 70/70 on ship's head.   
  See track chart for courses steered.  



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