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        I wouldn't have created this site if I didn't want to be contacted by others who are interested in the U-boat war.  I have a large collection of Allied and German U-boat related photos and records.  If you are interested in a particular ship, squadron or U-boat let me know and I will be happy to check the records.  Please contact me by e-mail at   If you would like to chat I am on Skype, name: Jerry Mason,  Skype name: s3bpilot.  It is best to send an e-mail to set up a call, that way I'll be home and ready to discuss a particular topic with you.

I retired from the United States Navy and moved to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia in April 2005. Click on the photo to view my military biography.
My wife Charla is my partner in the U-boat Archive and I am very grateful for her love and support.  She is an accomplished engineer with a lifelong interest in the U-boat War and submarine technology in particular.  Her family has a long involvement in the design of German Unterseebooten.