Admiralty Records

        Records presented in this section were made available through the generous assistance of Tony Cooper and Roger Griffiths.

        Tony Cooper has been a maritime researcher in England for over 30 years.  He is currently developing a data base of Voyage Records of merchant vessels during WWII and researching coastal convoys around North and South America, India, the Persian Gulf, Africa and the Mediterranean.   Mr. Cooper is a member of The Norwich Group which performs historical research and assists researchers worldwide.
       Roger Griffiths is a well known U.K. naval researcher who has helped many historians and authors.
        Admiralty records from WWII are held at the Public Record Office (PRO), Kew, Richmond, Surrey, which is part of the UK National Archives, just west of London.  Rather than present a lengthy explanation of the UK National Archives and research procedures here, the administrator refers the user to the UK National Archives website and to the excellent page on British interrogation reports at the website.
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British Interrogation Reports

Cumulative Edition - CB 04051(103)

The Admiralty's appreciation of the German U-boat force as of June 1944

History of U-Boat Policy - CB 4051

Postwar Admiralty report compiled from captured records dated March 1946

Convoy ONS 5

British and German messages and reports concerning convoy ONS 5

Departed Liverpool 21 April and arrived in Halifax 12 May 1943