C/W Robertson
    & Watson.            
Copy No. 171.
Top Secret.    
                                   Current Order No. 80 - November 1944.
  1).  Bad transmitting conditions are not only caused by bad atmospheric conditions, but according to recent experience, by state of the aerial apparatus.  Long Schnorchel cruises make heavy demands on the aerials.  Defects which have arisen:  
  a)  Split insulators (formation of hair-breadth cracks which are often hard to detect).  Result:  shorting to earth.  
  b)  Rust on insulators, cable ends and bulwark leads.  Result:  shorting to earth.  
  c)  Broken rod insulators and rusted supports, aerial leads strike to earth.  
  d)  Swamped aerial.  The defects have usually little effect on the strength of reception, and are therefore only apparent on local investigation and testing for shorts.  
  2).  All boats experiencing these difficulties should have their gear examined for faults immediately on entering port, before dockyard work begins, reporting the result by teleprinter to the Naval Was Staff.2nd Division, Operations, U-boats.  
  3).  Boats are required to co-operate in finding the cause of bad wireless communications.  Commanding officers should report every detail, however insignificant, in a written and verbal report to the B.D.U.  
  U-boat  "U-249".
  Rec. 6 Dec. 1944.
  Reg No:  Top Sec. 135.
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