Top Secret.               Copy No. 171
    U-boat  "U-249"
    Rec. 26.3.1944
    Reg No:  Top Secret 27.
    Encl.    ---
                                   Current Order No. 75 - Issued February 1944.
  Treatment of the 3.7 cm.  
          In order to maintain the highest possible measure of safety in operating the 3.7 cm. Flak M 42 U-boats at sea must endeavour to act as follows:  
  1)  Each time after surfacing the parts of the gun should be inspected and treated inside and outside with ZDM 26.  
  2)  In order to protect the cartridge chamber, practice cartridges are to be greased without fail.  
  3)  In cases where non-tracer ammunition is used, daily exercises should be carried out, otherwise, as soon as the situation permits.  
  4)  After firing for a considerable period, the whole mechanism should be thoroughly cleaned and greased.  
                                                                                            Translated by C/W Watson  
                                                                                                                  C/W Robertson  



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