U-boat  "U-249".        249             Copy No. 171
Top Secret. Rec. 6th Dec. 1944.                                     82
  Reg NO:  Top Secret 129.  
Current Order No. 64 of October 1944
  Emergency setting T IIIa - Lut I  
  1)  The current order no. 6 contains instructions for immediate firing of a turning torpedo (without director angle computer) in unexpected combat.  
  2)  On the sudden approach of destroyers, after firing a "Zaunkönig (Wren) torpedo in defence, naval operation T IIIa Lut I offers the further possibility of the use of torpedoes.   (See also No. 9)  
  3)  Emergency setting T IIIa - Lut I - :  
          Loop:  Short, V - Lut (TorpedoFitting):  11 nautical miles,  
          Track 180,  Preliminary run:  500,  
          Firing angle:  0 or 180, Gyro-spindle:  engaged,  
          Depth 4 meters,  Tubes:  secured.  
  4)  With this fine adjustment, immediate torpedo track can be launched against the enemy, only, however, in position 0 to 5 degrees - and with enemy speed 15 at distance of 1000 to 2000 metres and 20 at 1000 to 3000 metres.  Parallax should not be considered.  
  5)  In other positions or with greater distances "Lut" firing procedure should be followed.  (Firing with a director angle computer)  
  6)  Before this emergency setting is carried out, the "Lut" angle adjusters of all tubes loaded with "Lut" torpedoes are to be engaged, to avoid later defects in the torpedoes.  
  7)  In firing "Lut" torpedoes, tube No. II primarily, in the 4-fan tube mounting (if not set for firing turning-torpedoes) secondly tube No. III, should be used, in order to have available the 3-fans I, II, and IV or the 2-fans I and IV (with V-Lut and deviation on preliminary firing)  
  8)  Otherwise current order no. 6 applies within its meaning.  
  9)  The recommendation in Current Order No. 42 that "Lut" torpedoes should should be used in cases where the enemy is suspected of using anti-T V defence, in the form of immediate readiness of T V and "Lut", i.e. if occasion arises, the tube loaded with a "Lut" torpedo should be open and ready for firing, instead of the tube loaded with T V.  
                                                                                            Translated by C/W Watson  



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