C/W's Robertson & Watson.
                      Copy No. _80_  
Top Secret.
Current Order No. 6 of September 1944.  Attacks on enemy submarines.
        Increased enemy submarine activity in North Atlantic and off the Norwegian coast has been observed.  Frequent opportunities of attack by own U-boats on enemy submarines therefore to be expected.  The following to be observed:
1) Attack only on enemy submarine, if this positively established as such.
2) Past experience proves that S/T' - ES cannot be relied upon.
  a) Boats do not operate UT, and ES cannot necessarily be heard by ear or GHG (Multi unit hydrophones).
  b) In case of defect in installation, no means of re-action on ES.(?)
  U-boat  "U" 249".  
  Rec. Dec 6th.1944  
  Reg No:  Top Sec. 127.  
  Encl. -  



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