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Standing War Order of B.d.U. No. 502
Instructions to Crews:
  I.  Secrecy.  
          On every suitable occasion the men are to be reminded of the duty of secrecy.  This is particularly important in the case of U-boat crews, and is in a great measure in their own interest.  
          No details must become known, from which conclusions can be drawn as to  
                  technical details of the boats,  
                  operations carried out or in prospect,  
                  tactical principles and experiences,  
                  judgment of the enemy's tactics.  
          Keeping personal diaries is forbidden.  
          Secrecy is a duty to ones comrades.  
          It must be made quite clear that any contravention will be punished in the severest and most merciless fashion.  
          In every operation by U/boats, including any Prize Law activities, make sure that neither from remarks by members of the crew, nor from any other source, can conclusions be drawn as to  
                  the activities of our own or other U/boats,  
                  the boat's numbers, divisions to which they belong, etc.  
          Ships must not receive the impression that "they were the very ones expected." (or) "we were just expecting them".  
          Answers given by members of the crew to the inevitable questions at home must be restricted to quite general matters.  Every German will understand, if a man excuses himself on the score of his military duty of secrecy and relates little or nothing.  Appreciation of his performance will come from his superiors and his comrades; he does not need to have it acknowledged by outsiders.  
  II.  Behavior in Captivity.  
        Every time you put to sea, the crew must be told that if they are taken prisoner:
          1)  They must give no information on military questions.  Either  


with regard to their own boat and its employment, or with regard to other branches or defence sections.  All questions of this kind are to be answered by a shrug of the shoulders.  Even false answers are not allowed.
          2)  Each man may only give his name and rating.  No details as to the name of the Commander or officers, since from these the number and type of the boat might easily be recognized.  
          3)  Attempts must be made, in carefully camouflaged form, to let his own command know by letter where, when and by whom his capture was made.  
          The men must be told, further, that in prisoners' camps and billets the conversation of prisoners among themselves are overheard by listening apparatus.  
                                                                                                     signed Dönitz  



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