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Standing War Order of B.d.U. No. 501
Keeping of War Diaries
          The rules given in Operations and Manoeuvres Part III, paras. 54 - 56 are applicable in principle.  
          War diaries of U-boats are to be completed immediately after return from each operation.  A new one is then to be started at once, beginning with the lay days in harbour or dock, and carried on continuously until after the next operation.  It must afford a continuous review of the activities and positions of the boat.  
  The war diaries are to be completes in the flotilla, and all completions for each day must be personally signed by the Officer Commanding.  The note "signed. . . . " is not permissible, as the war diary is a document.  
          It must be laid before the Admiral Commanding within 5 days at the latest.  
          The following are to be completed and handed in:  
                  1.  Completed copy (Original) remains in the boat.  
                  2.  Completed copy remains with the Flotilla.  
                  3.  Completed copy goes to B.d.U.  - Org.  
                  4.          "            "    goes to B.d.U. - Op.  
                  5.          "            "    goes to B.d.U. - Op. for Admiralty, Naval War Directorate.  
          Supplements to copies 1. - 4.:  
                  a)  Channel charts and sketches  
                  b)  Battle firing tables  
                  c)  Collation (in plain language) of wireless signals given and received from other boats.  
                  d)  Any reports of barrages, drawings of barrages, reports of capture.  
          Supplements to Copy No. 5:  
                  a)  Channel charts and sketches  
                  b)  A full summary of the text of the diary.  
                  c)  Any reports of barrages, drawings of barrages, reports of capture.  

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