C/W's Robertson & Watson.
  U-boat  "U-249".  
  Received 18.7.44.  
  Reg No:  Top Sec.70.  
  Encl. -  
    71 (in ink)
Top Secret.
Current Order No. 5 . Supply Procedures at Rendez-vous - May 1944
1). Until underwater oiling is undertaken, supplies will only be carried out in cases of emergency, because of the great danger of air attack in the whole of the North Atlantic and South Atlantic up to 25 degrees South.
2) The greatest danger when taking on supplies is to be taken by surprise, therefore:
  a) Keenest look-out, especially for aircraft.
  b) Always be ready to face surprises and be prepared for the quickest disconnection of the tow lines and oil pipes and also for the diving alarm.
  c) Caution in the use of means of communication.  V/HF is forbidden, W/T traffic with blue lamps, as far as possible, pass orders by word of mouth or in writing.
  d) Caution with light.  Only certain officers and Petty Officers may carry torches at night.
3). Taking on of supplies, including food, apparatus, sick bay requirements etc: in general only at night.
4). In bad weather - and also on nights too dark to enable a safe distance apart to be maintained; in cases of emergency carry out replenishment during the day.
5). If the supplying must be done during the day, the following orders apply:
  a) Act according to Military Order 183.
  b) If attacked by air, submerge.  Submerge at first favorable moment.  Supplying vessel covers submerging operations if necessary.
6). Procedure at Rendez-vous.
  a) During evening or at night, exact time ordered by W/T.  Approach in daylight, submerged.
  b) If failing to meet, boat A to remain 3 hours at meeting-place and to circle round at high speed for 10 minutes.  Boat B to submerge quickly enough to make acoustic detection by A possible.  As soon as hydrophone bearing received proceed towards it.  A waits an hour and 45 minutes at circling point and then dives to listen.  Boat B, for his part, to circle for 10 minutes at high speed, 5 hours after meeting-time, and then patrol circling area for 1 hour 45 minutes at low speed.  Alternation of diving and circling at dawn.
  c) If failing to meet, new rendez-vous the following evening, during daylight in submerged position, also attempt to contact each other by hydro-phone bearing.
  d) Meeting to be effected without D/F signal.
  e) Boat A is boat of commanding officer whose name appears first in the alphabet.



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