(typed in soluble ink)   Copy No. 135__
Standing War Order of B.d.U. No. 472*
                                                                                       *Cancelled in red ink, altered to 422  
(Norwegian Coast)
  Magnetic Disturbances.  
          Powerful magnetic disturbances have been observed on the Norwegian coast.  Consequently U/boats must keep constant check on navigation.  
          Pay attention to compass deviation in the following areas:  
Area Compass deviation
Hitterorsund 4 - 6° to the east
Egeroy 4 - 5°
Koppervik uncertain
Haugesund uncertain
Skjelfjord (Lofoten) up to 13°
Molldören (Lofoten) 6 - 11°
Eidsfjord (6841 N, 1500 East) uncertain
west of Hadseloy 5° to the east
Prestfjord (6855 N, 1500 East) 11°
                                                                       (signed)  Dönitz  



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