249 C/W's Robertson & Watson.
Top Secret.                          Copy No. 171  
92 (in red pencil)
Current Order No. 4 - of December 1944.
          When assigning an area of operations, the High Command does not always have sufficient material concerning the focal points, routes and times of traffic.  At times it can only give general outlines to the boats.  Therefore, it happens that boats, in spite of remaining for long periods in operational areas assigned to them off the enemy coast, have not found the traffic suspected there by High Command and/or very little traffic or traffic proceeding by night and have not made contact or achieved any successes.  In such cases it is absolutely necessary that the commander, after careful consideration and impartial estimation of the situation in the area of operations, frees himself from the existing ties after an adequate period of deliberation and fulfils his main duty of sinking ships; he follows where his flare and hunter's instinct sense possibilities of success.  If no prospects of success exist in the original area of operation, he may seek out another area.  For example to run closer to the coast, to penetrate deeper into the bays, and thus occupy the apparently more difficult areas.  A report to High Command from the operational area, about a decision, is not required.  All deliberations and actions, which are undertaken through responsibility, aggressive spirit, drive and the absolute desire for annihilating the enemy, will at any time receive the approval by the High Command.  
  U-boat  "U-249".   
  Received Dec 22nd.1944.  
  Reg.No:  Top Sec.144.  



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