(typed in soluble ink)   Copy No. 14*__
    19th March 1941
Standing War Order of B.d.U. No. 302
Depth-setting of torpedoes
          The firing of a number of torpedoes at the Torpedo Testing Establishment has shown that torpedoes (G 7 a and G 7 e) with converted depth-setting apparatus, when fired in fairly calm water, do not exceed or fall short of the depth set by more than 1 metre.  
          Owing to suspicion of certain certain influences affecting the torpedo after firing (unexplained, and possibly arising during storage, transport, or on the boat), owing also to uncertainty in estimating the draught of laden and unladen merchantmen and to the influence, of which little is yet known, of rough seas and swell in the Atlantic on the depth-run of the torpedo and the behaviour of the target, the following orders have been issued until further notice for the depth-setting of torpedoes:  
          1)  In general, torpedoes are to be set as flat as possible, i.e.  
                  G 7 e depth 2 to 3 M  according to state of weather  
                  G 7 a depth 3 M      and draught of target.  
          2)  For fully laden targets of more than 8,000 g.r.t., set deeper, up to draught minus 3 metres.  
          3)  For warships from cruisers upwards  
                  Depth-setting = draught minus 3 metres.  
          Recurring suspicion that torpedoes are not keeping their depth makes it essential to study carefully and carry out minutely the respective orders.  (Torpedo Crew's Instructions and TEK Memorandum Book.)  
          1)  Test the fire-control apparatus.  
          2)  Fire without using the fire-control apparatus.  
          3)  Make absolutely accurate firing-tables (including the most accurate estimate possible of the size of the target.  
          Send in W/T report on unexplained misses that have occurred and the supposed nature of the failure, with the most important tables, as soon as the situation permits.  
                                                                              signed Dönitz  
  *Note  Cancelled in red chalk and altered to "125"  



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