Top Secret.                    249               2 C/W's Robertson & Watson.
                    Copy No. 171  
Current Order No. 3 of December 1944.
        In order to save current, air and potash cartridges when proceeding for any length of time or remaining submerged in the operation areas, the changing over of the running of the boat to night routine has proved successful.  That is to say:-  submerged cruising, together with night rest, the three meals of the day will be evenly distributed throughout the night.
  a).  The meals using a great amount of current and air for breathing, can either be taken on the surface, or, after the meal, a quick surfacing for ventilation can be made.  
  b).  Motion and disturbances in the boat, or during meal times, do not occur when proceeding submerged.  
  c).  When on the surface, the entire crew is rested and alert.  



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