C/W Robertson
    C/W Watson
Top Secret.
                        Copy No. 22.
Current Orders No. 25 of Jan 1945.
  Situation of enemy mines in the operational areas of England.  
1) Although at the moment, the danger of mines off England is considered to be slight, it is right in areas suspected of being mined, always to set in such a way to incur the least possible danger to U-boats.
That includes:
  a)  Danger areas - pass as close to the coast as possible, in shallow water possibly surfacing at night, e.g. danger area, St. George's Channel close to the Irish coast.
  b)  If this is not possible, make a point of passing the danger areas, at as great a depth as possible.  If the depth of water is more than 120 m, keep about 30 m. between keel and sea-bed.  By this means danger of mines on sea-bed, is diminished.
  c)  On convoy routes and swept channels known, or under our own observation, proceed at periscope depth.  Here, mines in shallow water are out of the question, on account of danger to English shipping.  In this case, as far as possible make the most of times of high tide or strong current.
  d)  As far as possible do not use the Schnorkel, W/T or navigational aids in danger areas or directly in front of gaps on the minefields, in order not to expose U-boat routes.
2) All signs which are an indication of the presence of absence of mines (appearance of mine-sweeping craft, towing of gear, patrols, by fishing vessels, heavy shipping traffic, etc.) are to be reported in the war diary, at the end, under heading "Dangers from mines".  Important observations and supporting evidence to be included in the summary report upon return to harbour, or to be added to W/T report when convenient.
3) This current order is only for C.O.'s and officers.  Avoid alarming crew unnecessarily when passing on orders given.
4) Inside the actual areas of operation (Irish Sea, Channel coastal convoy routes) in all probability no danger of mines.  Therefore no precautions to be taken.  If at all, the prominent focal points of navigation across the cruising direction taken by the enemy can be expected to be infested with U-boats, e.g., Ireland, Scillies or North Shetlands Mine Sweeping Command ? Northern Waters.
  U-boat  "U 249"  
  Rec. Feb. 6th 1945  
  Reg No:  Top Secret 191  
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