Top Secret. Copy No. 171. C/Ws Robertson & Watson.
                   Amendments to Current Orders.
  1).  Cancel Current Orders Nos. 5, 7, 9, 18, 22, 26, 41, 42.  
  2).  Amendment to Current Order No. 24.  
  a)  Give as heading January 44 - Supply.  
  b)  Under Fugure 1 delete as far as "Azores" and replace by "in all waters".  
  c)  Delete No. 1, before the first paragraph and insert before Figure 2 a new Figure 1:  The supply ship should supply not more than 2 boats at a time.  
  d)  To Figure 2 add the words:  For conduct of boats see current Order No 14.  In accordance with this order, tanker should give the necessary orders for rendezvous, and for proceeding on or beneath the surface.  If two boats make contact with the tanker at the same time, it is advisable to arrange for one of the boats to rendezvous the following day.  
  e)  Figure 3 delete last sentence.  
  f)  Figure 4 delete "at sunset" and insert "two hours before sunset".  
  g)  Figure 6 delete paragraph (b).  
  h)  New Figure 7)  War Standing Order No. 180 applies.  
  3).  To current Order No. 25 add the words "If the weather is calm, they can go down on to the water".  
                                                                            Corrected:  (initials)  10.3.44.  



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