Permanent Order No. 22. C/W Robertson
    C/W Watson


        Warning of aircraft and patrols which have been detected late.  On warning of aircraft, or of patrols seen late, immediately submerge with heavy ballast to a depth of A plus 20.  The maximum degree of ballast will be ordered by the Commanding Officer, taking into account the type of U-boat, the safety margin of the depth gear, and amount of experience of the crew after having made use of all training facilities en route.  
          Heavy ballast and full ahead or full ahead all out makes it possible to reach protective depth in the shortest possible time.  A ballast of 30 degrees however, must not be exceeded.  A further increase results in only slightly shorter diving time but causes too great an increase of difficulties in handling the entire machinery.  
  Permanent Order No. 29.  
          Full speed of main Diesel engines at sea.  
          During any enemy operation, cruise at full speed with both Diesels every four days for half an hour, while observing cruising times in order to detect signs of engine trouble immediately and to safeguard the full use of the boats fighting capacity when opportunity arises.  
                                                   C.C. U-boats Top Secret 02809/FS of 28/1/43.  
  Deleted from previous?  
  See new Current Order No. 29.  



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