C/W Watson
                  Copy No. 171
Top Secret.   U-boat  "U-249".        249
    Reg No:  Top Secret 136.
Current Order No. 21 of March 1944. Encl.-
Defence Situation in the Atlantic ______________________









(1st and 3rd sentence of original crossed out)

1. Air.  The depth of penetration of flying boats and four-engine long distance aircraft used for sea patrolling lies between 1000 and 1300 nautical miles, and is capable of being increased still further.  Thus the whole of the Atlantic from North to approx. 25 degrees South is covered.  Aircraft carriers and auxiliaries are used as direct escorts for most convoys.  Further, the great number of auxiliary carriers available permits the patrolling of chosen areas with carrier-borne aircraft.  In the whole Atlantic therefore as far as 25 degrees South the appearance of aircraft is to be reckoned with at any time.  All aircraft including carrier-borne planes are equipped with locating apparatus, depth charges and medium to heavy armament.  Carrier-borne aircraft have previously flown in daylight only.  Night-flying and landings are being practised and developed.  Transport route of heavy bombers over the following stretches.  
  a) Newfoundland to England direct or over Ireland or over Iceland-Greenland.
  b) America-Bermuda-Azores-England.
  c) Natal to Dakar or Freetown or Ascension-Freetown (heavy traffic).
  d) England-Gibraltar approx. between 11 degrees and 15 degrees West.
2. Sea.  U-boat chasers in great numbers with convoys as close and distant protection, singly and in groups.  T5 has always proved successful against them.
3. Coastal Areas.   Regular day and night aviation of shore based and sea planes fitted with radar.  In important coastal areas continual aircraft traffic in daylight.  As soon as a U-boat is seen or D/F'd (even on account of short signals).  Immediate attack from fairly strong forces of day and night fighters fitted with radar up to a range of at least 400 nautical miles away from the shore.  Strong dangerous enemy air activity near Brazilian coast.



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