C/W's Robertson
    C/W Watson
    Copy No. 171
Top Secret.    
New Current Order No. 20
  Defence Situation in the South Norway Area - October 1944.  
  a)  Air:  With the relinquishing of the Western bases, the focal point of the enemy submarine hunt has moved to the territorial waters off the coast of Southern Norway and in the outlets to the Atlantic.  Particular focal points lie off the main bases of Bergen and Trondheim.  Enemy air activity is already very great (up to 60 aircraft daily).  Further increases are probable.  Continual patrolling over the entrances to the fiords and convoy rendez-vous.  U-boat hunts are carried out by heavy aircraft and Mosquitoes, and in good weather also by carrier-borne aircraft and fighter bombers.  Sometimes smaller and larger formations of Mosquitoes and Beaufighters (up to 50 aircraft) carry out coastal hunts and attack our escorts.  Therefore greatest danger to the boats from the moment of surfacing near the coast until mooring, maintain complete Ack-ack readiness until entering harbour, because attacks must be reckoned with at any time.  When attacked by enemy units seek the most favorable moment for submerging.  For attacking tactics see Current Order No. 9 (crossed out . . . . . )  Standing Orders 181.  
  b)  Sea:  Enemy air and sea supremacy enable him to operate up to the Norwegian Coast.  The appearance of reconnaissance groups is to be reckoned with in coastal areas.  Reconnaissance groups North of 60 degrees especially from the line of 200 nautical miles to 50 miles off the Norwegian Coast have begun.  Isolated reconnaissance groups have appeared as far as the Hellsöy.  Beware of enemy submarines in fiords used for shipping.  During the dark period of the year, danger from M.T.B's also exists.  Sharpest look-out on the bridge, high speed zig-zag course.  
  U-boat  'U-249'  
  Rec. Dec. 6th 1944  
  Reg No:  Top Secret 130.  
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