C/W's Robertson
    C/W Watson
Current Order No. 20 of April 1945.
  Defence Situation South Norway Area.  
  In the previous current Order No. 20, delete under a) Air in the 1st Para, and substitute by:  Total Maritime area between English East Coast - Shetland and Norway up to approx 63 degrees North is especially heavily patrolled by enemy in order to engage incoming and outgoing craft.  Focal points are situated off all important harbors and fiords further in the outlets to the Atlantic, especially the "Faroe Straits".   A new patrolling sector has been added "Skagerrak" and "Kattegat".  Where attacks become more frequent continue patrolling in fiords used for putting in at Convoy rendez-vous.  (Translator's note:  In original text, following deleted in pencil:  
  Section a) last sentence delete: "Current Order No. 5" substitute by Standing Orders No 181 after Section b) second sentence "to calculate" insert "Offensive patrol groups in action North 60 degrees especially on a line of 200 nautical miles up to 50 nautical miles off Norwegian Coast.  In isolated cases, offensive patrols have appeared as far as the vicinity of Hellisöy"  
  Addenda:-  1.  Minesweeping Co and Northern Waters.  
                    2.  Current Orders No. 40 to be taken from files and destroyed.  
  (Text typed on W/T message pad   Headed - W/T message from the Atlantic Dated 6/4.  



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