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Most secret
Standing War Order No. 155
  English Instructions for Convoys.  
1. Only ships with a speed of less that 16 sea-miles will be accepted in convoys.  Faster ships and hospital ships sail alone.
2. In the outer lines, armed ships are to sail in the van, ships with depth charges in the rear.  Ships with valuable cargoes sail in the inner lines.  Wide formations are to be preferred.
3. Distance between lines should usually be 5 - 600 metres; it may be reduced to 350 - 400 in favorable weather.
  Distance between ships within each line should be 350 -400 m. or in single-line convoys 500-600 m.
4. Convoys with a speed of less that 7 sea-miles are not to zig-zag.
5. Convoys are to continue on their way if single ships are torpedoed or strike mines.  They are likewise not to wait if, on account of other damage, ships are unable to keep station for the time being or altogether.
6. They must reduce speed before dark, to allow stragglers to join up again.
  Shortly before dark they must alter course, and make a further alteration of course a few hours later.
7. U-boat Defence (U-bootssicherrung):
  a) The slower the cruising speed of the convoy, the further astern the U-boat defence must be placed (about 3 - 500 metres behind the probable firing position of the boat.)
  b) If all the escort vessels do not posses an "asdic", those provided with one are to take up first the lateral position astern, then the lateral position forward, then the position ahead of the convoy.
    By day and with good visibility the following sectors should be adopted:
    Position right ahead 60° on either side.
    Lateral positions from ahead 90° towards the outer side and 30° towards the inner side.
    Position right astern:  only the hydrophone watch.
    *  "neu 151"  "We 20/ii."  (Corrected number initial and date in red ink)



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