(typed in soluble ink)   Copy No. 135__
Most secret
Standing War Order No. 128*
  Incidents and activity contrary to international law.  
  Admiralty wires:  
  On account of rapid political and propagandistic sequels, it is laid down that:  
1) All incidents occurring in warfare, especially commercial warfare, are so far as possible to be reported by wireless while operations are actually being carried out, provided the sending of such a message does not entail any grave military risk.
2) Such incidents comprise incorrect behaviour, or behavior inconsistent with neutrality or contrary to international law on the part of ships on being held up, confirmation of the arming of merchant ships, dealings with neutral warships or military aircraft while carrying out operations of commercial warfare or other duties of war, our own violation of neutral territorial areas or illegal actions by neutral armed forces upon the approach of our forces to neutral waters or proceeding from these.
3) Whenever possible, and as far as circumstances permit, the evidence of neutrals concerned, or third parties, is to be taken down in writing and signed by the persons concerned; incidentally, witnesses should be brought back.
4) The brief report should be followed up as soon as possible by a detailed report.
5) Even the brief report must contain exact details as to position and time.
                                                 Naval War Directorate  10 477 Secret.              
                                                               signed:  D ö n i t z
  * "neu 125"  We 20/11  (corrected number, initial and date in red ink)



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