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Standing War Order of B.D.U. Ops.  -   No. 123
  Supplementary Orders regarding Warfare under the Prize Law.  
  a) Enemy destination of unconditional contraband goods is always to be taken for granted if, before reaching a neutral port, the ship intends touching at an enemy control station, or is obliged to do so.
  b) Enemy destination of conditional and unconditional contraband is also to be taken for granted, if according to the papers the unloading is to take place in a neutral harbor, but the ship [several unreadable words]
    In the case of foodstuffs of every kind it is to be assumed that a state is the receiver also if the papers indicate that the goods are carried to order or to a private person.
  c) Certificates from the authorities of the country of origin or even German authorities are not sufficient to remove any suspicion that may arise as to the continuance of the journey.  Until all the evidence has been finally sifted, the only certificates to be taken into consideration are those delivered by the German consular authorities in the country of destination.
  d) There is to be no special treatment of Russian, Italian, Spanish and Japanese contraband goods on neutral ships.  They are only not to be seized when they are on ships of those nationalities.
  e) Enemy export goods on neutral ships, with a neutral destination, are not to be seized until further notice.
  f) Certificates and declarations.
    Certificates as to the liberating of a ship that has been held up are not to be issued, on grounds of secrecy.  No written declarations are to be delivered as to the sinking of neutral ships.
    It is advisable, nevertheless, to make a verbal declaration, along the following lines:
    1.  The ship is carrying . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    2.  The goods carried being contraband, the ship is herewith declared a prize.  It is liable to arrest because more than half the cargo consists of contraband.
    3.  The destruction of the ship is necessary because bringing it in would endanger the U-boat and be prejudicial to the undertakings it is engaged upon.
    If the sinking of the vessel is due to other reasons, e.g. assistance to the enemy, forcible resistance, a declaration


    must be made to that effect, in which case No. 3) may remain unaltered.
    The same declaration is to be sent in writing to the Prize Court.
                                                            signed: Dönitz



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