Translated by:
    3/C Richie W.R.N.S.
                                                                                                                    Copy Number 171  
  U-boat  "U-249".
  Recd. 18.7.44
  Reg No:  Top Sec. 80.    Encl.  ./.
T O P   S E C R E T
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Current Order No. 122 of July, 1944.
  The Capture of Secret Documents.  
  1.  The capture of English or American Secret Code and other secret material is of utmost importance for our radio intelligence (B-Dienst) and hence for the execution of naval warfare as a whole.  The following orders are therefore given:  
  If the opportunity occurs to board a sinking security vessel (destroyer or escort) or any other naval craft, it is imperative to search the wireless cabin and chart house for documents marked Secret, or, if necessary, to recover them from the life-boats.  A certain degree of risk for the boat and considerable risk for the boarding party must be accepted.  
  2.  Important individual members of the crew of the said ship are to be taken prisoner whenever possible.  See also Standing Orders No. 511 and 513 or previous current Order No. 46.  
  3.  Of equal importance to the execution of the war against Russia, is the capture of Russian codes.  Therefore boats operating in Northern and Finnish waters must utilize every opportunity of making these, even boarding small patrol craft after defeating them.  
  4.  Enemy secret documents found floating in the water, which have been rendered completely illegible by oil etc., are to be salvaged notwithstanding, carefully stored on board, and handed over to B.d.U.Op (Befehlshaber der U-Boote, Op) - Commander in Chief, Operations, U-boats.  



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