(typed in soluble ink)   Copy No. 135__
Standing War Order of the B. d. U. Operations No. 121
  The following are not to be sunk:  
  a) Hospital ships.  These must be distinguishable as follows:
    Military hospital ships, by being painted white outside, with a horizontal green stripe about 1.5 metre wide.
    Hospital ships of voluntary organisations in the same way, with a red stripe in addition.
    All hospital ships should further, alongside the national flag, fly the white flag with a red cross.
    The following English hospital ships have been notified:
Maine No. 1 Vita No. 8
Atlantis No. 2 Dorsetshire No. 23
Isle of Jersey No. 3 St. Andrews No. 24
Wasna No. 4 Somersetshire No. 25
Ada No. 5 St. David No. 27
Orfordshire No. 6 M.V. Amro No. 41
Amarapoore No. 7 Namund (Australia) 9,115 BRT
            The numbers are painted in white paint on a black ground at bow and stern.
  b) Vessels chartered by Switzerland for her own supply, sailing under the national flag of the owners, but having the Swiss flag and the name "Schwitzerland" painted on the side.
    (The Swiss Government guarantees that the cargo is destined exclusively for Switzerland).



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