(typed in soluble ink)   Copy No. 135__
Most secret
Standing War Order No. 105
Distinguishing Marks of Neutrals
  a) Vessels of neutral countries carry for the most part, in addition to the national flag, a neutrality sign (national colours, national emblem, ship's name and nationality) painted on the sides, which is illuminated at night.
  b) Special notification has been received from the following:
    1)  Russia:
    Vessels of the Soviet Union carry on the ships' sides the national flag on a white ground, with the black letters "USSR" underneath.
            At night they show three lights, one above the other + green - red - green; and on the approach of warships send out the morse letters USSR.
    2)  Ireland:
    Irish vessels, according to a declaration of the Irish Government, may fly only the Irish flag (green - white - yellow).
    3)  Sweden:
    Swedish ships should show, at the bows and stern, blue and yellow bands, and on either side the national flag.
** c) French warships carry three-coloured bands, blue - white - red, on the shields or gun turrets; submarines on the conning-tower.  French warships are reckoned as neutral; their appearance is to be expected only near the French coast or that of the colonies; otherwise notice will be given by W/T.
                                                                        signed Dönitz
    4)  Ships of the Irish Navy and Coastal Protection Service fly, in addition to the national flag, a blue and white pennant with a yellow harp exhibited in the most conspicuous position.  (footnote in the original)
    ** c) pasted on in addition.



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