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Standing War Order No. 103
Declared areas, mined areas, danger zones.
  The exact position of these areas is laid down in Standing War Order No. . . . .  (navigational directions).
          The appendix* to Order No. 103 gives a summary.
  a) Distinction must be made between the declared and mined areas of belligerents and neutrals.
  b) The declared and mined areas of the belligerentsoutside the Baltic and its approaches constitute danger areas.  In these, every foreign vessel encountered, which is not escorted by our own warships, is to be sunk without warning.
  c) Exception:  the English declared area in the German Bight, outside our own declared area.  Here neutral traffic, destined for Germany, must be reckoned with.
  d) The declared areas of neutrals lie within their territorial waters.  They are not to be entered without express order.
                                                      signed  D ö n i t z
    *  Note:  Attached to Order No. 103 is a map of the North Sea showing declared areas, etc.



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