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Most secret
Standing War Order of B.d.U. - Operations. No. 102.
Resume of the current Regulations regarding the Limitation of Warlike Action (Kampfhandlungen).
1) For the German Armed Forces the use of gas remains forbidden.  Also the use of gas as a measure of reprisal is subject to the sanction of the Fuehrer.
2) Sea Warfare and Air Warfare over the Sea:
  Immediate use of full armed force is forbidden:
  (a) In the announced mined area around England:
    (1)  Against Irish ships within 10 sea miles of the Irish coast.
    (2)  Against ships possessing a special transit permit and made particularly recognizable, after giving previous notification of their name, cargo and route.
  (b) Outside the mined area round England:
    (1)  Against all ships which are not unquestionably recognized as enemy.
    (As enemy ships are to be reckoned also those vessels which are completely darkened at night, Norwegian, Dutch and Belgian ships which are encountered outside the region of German control and do not prove that they are under the instructions of shipping companies situated in German-occupied territory).
    (2)  Against enemy ships which are recognized as unescorted and unarmed.
                                 also American*
    Spanish, Japanese, Russian ships, and ships chartered by these states, as well as those chartered by Switzerland to maintain their own supplies (the latter with the Swiss flag and "Switzerland" on the ship's side), are not to be stopped, captured or sunk at all.
            In the American Security Zone our own naval forces are to seek from their side no warlike action.
            Minelaying also in this area and in the other American coastal waters not included within the Security Zone is subject to the sanction of the Fuehrer.
  (3) Aerial Warfare over the Land:
    Attacks on the city area of London and terrorizing attacks are subject to the decision of the Fuehrer.
  * the underlined words "also American" are inserted in the original in the same position above the line as in the translation.  



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