F.d.U./B.d.U.'S War Log

16 - 31 December 1940



Position, Wind, Weather
Sea State, Illumination,
Air Pressure, Moonlight etc.
  Positions of U-boats at 0800.
In the operations area:
U 100 - AL 0150
North Channel:
U 96 - AL 3450
U 52 - AL 0250
U 94 - AM 4150
  also U 104, but no report since 19.11.
2) In the operating area Canaries - Freetown:
  U 65 - ET 62
  U 37 - DU 12.
On return passage :
U 140 - AF 7860
U 43 - BE 6140 (Lorient)
4) In Lorient:  U 38, 47, 93, 95, 99, 101, 123, 124.
  In Kiel:  UA, U 46, 48,
  Total:  21 boats.
5) Ready for operations by 1st January:  U 38, 95, 123, 124, 105.
6) Italian boats.
for the operations area    
W of the North Channel:
4 boats
        "        "            Spain 2 boats
On outward passage to    
W of the North Channel:
2 boats
        "        "            from Bordeaux: 1 boat
Approaching from the    
2 boats
In Bordeaux/La Pallice: 15 boats
26 boats
  U 100 reported sinking of 2 steamers totaling 7,950 GRT.
  U 95 and U 124 sailed for the operations area W of the North Channel.
  U 140 entered Bergen.
  U 65 gave her position as ET 67.
  KG 40 has been instructed by G.A.F. Ops. Staff to cooperate with B.d.U. as far as this can be combined with their other duties.  According to Radio Intelligence 3 9-10,000 ton steamers were torpedoed W of the North Channel.
  U 96 reported several outward-bound tankers, one of which she torpedoed.  She has now used all her torpedoes, but has nevertheless been ordered to shadow in order to bring up U 52 and U 100.
  U 38 sailed for the operations area.
  Supply for U 37 in the Canaries which was planned for the 10th has had to be postponed until the 21st, owing to the presence of enemy forces.  
U 100 reported the sinking of 10,300 GRT S.S. "Naiper Star".  The C.O. Lieut (s.g.) Schepke is thus the third officer to pass the 200,000 ton mark.
  U 95 and 124 are to patrol in a NW direction from the North Channel.  Otherwise nothing to report.
- 142 -


Position, Wind, Weather
Sea State, Illumination,
Air Pressure, Moonlight etc.
  U 65 reported that she had no further success.  Little traffic in her ops. area.
  Supply of U 37 in the Canaries has again had to be postponed because of enemy activity.
  My view that U-boats operation in the Southern area do not lead to success which can be achieved in the North is again confirmed.  Operation in the Southern area is also subject to the possibility of supplying with material and ammunition.  As the present case shows difficulties can arise here, which can mean uncertainty and delay for the boats and reduce their chances of success, which are already rather meager.  I have therefore decided to recall both the boats and afterwards send to the more promising Northern area.  It is intended to operate the 3 large Italian boats in the Freetown area, starting with "Capellini" who will arrive there at the end of the year.
  U 65 reported the sinking of S.S. "Charles Pratt" (8,982 GRT).
  3 FW 200's flew the air reconnaissance W of Ireland, but obtained no results because of bad visibility.
  U 100 reported all her torpedoes used.  3 steamers totaling 18,069 GRT.  She has been ordered to proceed home for a long overhaul.
  U 140 entered Kiel.
  U 52 is returning, having sunk 25,500 GRT.
  Temporary improvement in the weather in operations area.  
  U 105 left Kiel for the operations area.
  Nothing to report.
  Radio Intelligence obtained information of a point for which 20 very fast steamers are said to be making.  It is within range of U 38, 95 and 124.  They have been ordered to operate.
  Nothing to report.
  Conference at Kerneval headquarters with Fliegerkorps 4, a representative from KG 28 and Officer Commanding KG 40 on the possibility of cooperation with the G.A.F.
  U 94 reported that she was returning having sunk 4 steamers totaling 24,340 GRT.
  U 52 entered Lorient.  Well executed patrol which requires no further comment.
  U 65 reported her total success so far as 45,974 GRT sunk. 
  U 96 entered Lorient on her first patrol she sank 40,900 GRT and damaged one 10,700 GRT steamer.  The Commanding Officer acted with clarity and decision.
  Nothing to report.
  U 94 entered Lorient.  Total successes 24,360 GRT a very well executed patrol.
- 143 -


Position, Wind, Weather
Sea State, Illumination,
Air Pressure, Moonlight etc.
    The operation of the boats against the fast steamers did not lead to any success.  It afterwards turned out that Radio Intelligence Service's data for the point of reference was wrong.  The boats are now to patrol E-W of the Rockall Bank concentrating off 150 W.
                                           (Signed):  DÖNITZ
- 144 -



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