F.d.U./B.d.U.'S War Log

1 - 15 July 1940


Position, Wind, Weather
Sea State, Illumination,
Air Pressure, Moonlight etc.
Distribution of U-boats:
In Atlantic operations area:
U A, U 26, U 29, U 30, U 34, U 43, U 52, U 102, U 122.

On outward passage:  U 47.

On return passage:  U 28, U 38, U 47, U 51, U 65.
Wilhelmshaven dockyard:  U 25, U 32, U 37.
Kiel dockyard:  U 46, U 48, U 101.
U 65 attacked a convoy; apparently the Dutch S.S. "Amstelland, 8,156 tons, was sunk.
U 52 reported BERNARDO carried out.
U 38 entered Wilhelmshaven.
Zones "A" and "F" are to be bounded to the south along the line square 8176 BE - square 8357 BF - Belle Isle, in order to protect our own prize ships returning to the occupied Atlantic coast from the Atlantic, our own steamers from Spain and French vessels.  B.d.U. returned from tour of inspection of the Atlantic coast.
Every effort must be made to get the Atlantic ports ready for use as soon as possible and when this is done B.d.U.'s headquarters must be transferred there.  I stated my views on this subject in my Most Secret 1049 of 2/7/40 to Supreme Command of the Navy.  In my opinion the aim must be achieved in the following stages.
1) Facilities for supply of fuel, provisions and water.
2) Facilities for short repairs.
3) Transfer the headquarters as soon as conditions 1 and 2 are fulfilled for the majority of Atlantic boats.
4) Facilities for complete overhaul of boats.
The steps immediately necessary for 1 are being taken from here, immediately.
U 29 reported the sinking of "Atheland", 8,999 tons.  Boat is returning because of damage to periscope.
      Lorient will be ready for fitting out U-boats from 6.7.  There is mine escort for boats entering and leaving.  Officer-in-Charge of the base is Lieut. Commander BRUMMER-PATZIG, Lieut.(E)(s.g.) LOOSCHEN is his assistant.
  U 52 reported sinking 21,000 tons.
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Position, Wind, Weather
Sea State, Illumination,
Air Pressure, Moonlight etc.
U 30 requested to supply with torpedoes in Lorient.  It has been ordered for 6.7.
U A has been instructed to avoid the area between 200 N to 360 N east of 200 W, as 2 Italian U-boats will be operating there from 7.7.
U 51 entered Kiel.  After the operation against the Halifax convoy failed owing to the transfer of the rendezvous.  She operated patrolling E-W off the English Channel and sank 5 ships totaling 40,311 tons.
U A reported no traffic and is therefore proceeding on to square DT.
Conference with C.in C. Air Force regarding cooperation in the attack area from the French Atlantic Coast on English supply traffic in the Atlantic.  (see B.d.U. operation Most Secret 1057C of 6.7.40).
U 43 again reported little traffic, but there are frequent reports of traffic on the Spanish coast and from Spanish ports.
U 28 entered Wilhelmshaven.  The boat had to interrupt her outward passage and repair engine damage in Trondheim.  Like U 47, 26, 51, 32, 38 and 30, she made no contact with the Halifax convoy, the rendezvous of which with the escort was changed, she operated patrolling E-W off the N. half of the English Channel and sank 3 steamers totaling 10,860 tons.
U 47 entered Kiel.  On her way out she rescued some of our own airmen from an a/c which had made a forced landing in the Shetlands area.  Before reaching her position for the Halifax convoy she apparently successfully attacked the previous convoy from Canada.  After the disposition against the HX 48 had been dissolved she operated with great success against convoys and independent ships, patrolling E-W off the English Channel.  During this patrol she sank ten ships, totaling 66,587 tons, it is so far the most successful patrol of this war.
U 65 entered Wilhelmshaven.
After repairing a flange in Bergen the boat operated in central Biscay and sank 5 steamers and tankers, totaling 56,500 tons.
U 30 entered Lorient, the first boat to fit out there.
  U 34 reported the sinking of the English destroyer "Whirland" and one steamer and one tanker.
  U A has been instructed to operate against the English units
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Position, Wind, Weather
Sea State, Illumination,
Air Pressure, Moonlight etc.
which are taking action against French forces in Dakar.  This boat is at present off Cape Verde and it is doubtful whether she will reach Freetown, as she has to be at the rendezvous with ship 33 in the 18th.
U 43 reported her results so far as as 35,000 tons.  She encountered strong patrols of a/c and surface vessels with efficient location sets.
U 29 entered Wilhelmshaven.  This boat first operated off the Channel at the beginning of June and penetrated into the Western approach to the Channel.  She then supplied in NW Spain and continued to wage war on merchant shipping in the sea area NW of Finisterre.  Total results:  5 steamers and tankers totaling 29,184 tons.
Nothing to report.
U 99 reported use of armament S. of Ireland restricted by weather conditions.  Little traffic.
U 30 has been ordered to go to Gibraltar and operate against enemy warships.  Radio intelligence and G.I.S. report that there is frequent warship activity there.  The boat will not be a loss to the war against merchant shipping as she is to proceed via the traffic route between 130 and 150.
U 26, U 102 and U 122 have not reported again.  U 26 last made a short signal on 3.7, U 102 made a reconnaissance signal on 30.6 and was at the time near an enemy convoy in square BF 4131, U 122 last made a weather report at 2300 21.6.
U 34 reported the sinking of 6 steamers totaling 22,807 tons, she is proceeding to Lorient to refuel.
U 43, which has been at sea since 13.5, reported that she still had 1-3 torpedoes below deck.She was ordered to start on her return passage, making use of all opportunities to attack.
U 52 reported:  Use of armament in operations area easily possible.
                                                           (Signed):  Donitz
                                                       Rear-Admiral and B.d.U.
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