The Navy Department Building (know as "Main Navy") located just off the mall in Washington DC in January 1942 - Commander Knowles and the COMINCH Operational Intelligence Center were housed in the seventh wing on the third floor of the building

WAVES Working in the F-21 Submarine Tracking Room. Women performed the essential duties necessary to safeguard Allied shipping by locating U-boats and other Axis vessels. Photographed in spring 1944, these Women Accepted into Voluntary Emergency Service (WAVES) worked with U.S. Navy Commander Kenneth A. Knowles. U.S. Navy Photograph - courtesy of David Kohnen

RADM Francis "Frog" Low served on the staff of COMINCH (CNO Admiral King) From December 1940 to August 1942 when he left to command the cruiser USS Wichita.  In early 1943 he was recalled to serve on the COMINCH staff and was a key architect in the planning and implementation of Tenth Fleet.  Admiral King was the nominal commander of Tenth Fleet but daily operations were in the hands of Rear Admiral Low until January 1945 when took command of Cruiser Division 16 during the Okinawa invasion and later that year became Commander of Destroyers, Pacific Fleet



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