The Modified B-24D Aircraft

An unmodified B-24D


Specifications (Standard B-24D)
Power: Four Pratt & Whitney R-1830-43 fourteen-cylinder radial engines, supercharged, rated at 1200 hp.
The aircraft also had an internal auxiliary power unit which provided electrical and hydraulic power for starting and as a backup during takeoff
Performance: Maximum speed 303 mph at 25,000 feet
Service ceiling: 32,000 feet
Range: 2300 miles with 5000 pounds of bombs - Maximum range 3500 miles
Fuel capacity: 3614 US gallons
Dimensions: Wingspan 110 feet 0 inches, length 66 feet 4 inches, height 17 feet 11 inches, wing area 1048 square feet
Weights: 32,605 pounds empty, 55,000 pounds gross, Maximum takeoff weight 64,000 pounds
Armament: Bomb bay could accommodate up to eight 1600-pound bombs - typically 10-12 250-pound or 6-8 385-pound depth charges were carried
Modified B-24D's included eight .50 caliber machine guns: two in a nose turret, two in a tail turret, two in a dorsal turret (just aft of the cockpit), and two in the waist


A modified B-24D, the retracted antenna for the SCR-517 radar is visible just aft of the open bomb bay doors in the place where the ventral gun turret would normally be installed



A modified B-24D showing the hydraulically operated Consolidated turret in the nose


Close-up view of the Consolidated turret from the port side


Close-up view of the Consolidated turret from starboard

Bombardier's position from the inside of the aircraft - the bullet-proof sighting glass is in the lowered position

Bombardier's position from the outside of the aircraft - the bullet-proof sighting glass is in the raised position

Looking forward - the A-17 camera mount with twin K-24 cameras installed

Twin K-24 cameras

The twin .50 Caliber tail guns



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